Business Overview

Renovation Business

At the forefront of the renovation industry, we specialize in offering Renovated Condominiums with comprehensive after-sales service guarantees across major cities nationwide, including the Tokyo metropolitan area. With a proven track record of over 25,000 units sold, our expertise extends to corporate and B2C renovation interior projects. Our commitment lies in promoting energetic retrofits through initiatives like Ecocube, contributing to a decarbonized society.

Renovated Condominium Business

We procure pre-owned condominiums from the general market, refurbish them to optimal standards, and offer them to customers with an up to 20 year after-sales service guarantee, fostering the circulation of pre-owned housing.

Renovation and Decoration Business

We deliver comfortable and trustworthy interiors to both corporate and individual clients. Drawing upon our long experience in renovating condominiums and completing over 1,000 units annually, we provide high-quality interiors, transparent pricing, and a reliable after-sales services.

Solution Business

Building upon our expertise in renovation, we expand into solution-oriented services, including asset management and leaseback services, offering unique strengths to our clients. Our comprehensive real estate solutions cater to various needs, ensuring optimal asset utilization and long-term value enhancement.

Asset Business

We optimize real estate assets through leasing, management, renovation, and development strategies, encompassing diverse property types such as office buildings, hotels, and newly built condominiums.

Leaseback Business

Our leaseback service enables customers to retain residence in their homes post-sale, providing flexibility in fund utilization and addressing diverse needs.

Asset Sharing Business

Our Asset Sharing Business facilitates the sale, management, and operation of asset products known as "Asset Sharing," enabling individuals to own fractional stakes in large-scale urban real estate properties.
Operating under the provisions of the Act on Specified Joint Real Estate Ventures, we leverage our expertise from the renovation business to uphold and enhance asset value. Our commitment extends to providing comprehensive, long-term asset management services tailored to our clients' needs.